iOS: Building the MoPub 4.9.1 SDK



Hi There,

I’m currently running into issues when building the MoPub SDK in version 4.9.1 for the device architectures:

This occurs using Xcode 7.3.1. and Xcode 8.0.0

Any ideas about how to solve this issue?



Hey @michaeljaeger16, Thanks for reaching out on this and we’re looking into an issue when doing an Archive on 4.9.1 and using iOS 10.


I have also this problem… :frowning: Please fix ASAP…

Mopub SDK as an iOS Framework?
Undefined symbols for architecture arm64 4.9.1_kit Mopub iOS SDK missing i386 slice

I also have this issue. Is there an older version of the MoPub SDK that is compatible with Fabric? If so, how can we access that? This is the version listed on Fabric, and the one we are using for our first ad implementation.

Edited to add additional information to help the development team debug:
I am using Xcode 8. My deployment target is iOS 9.0. Here is a screenshot with the error I specifically am receiving:


I need to submit a bug fix asap, please help. Anyway we can downgrade the version??


It looks like a 4.9.2 was released yesterday on Fabric and I can archive builds again. Thanks guys!


Yep @hunhu, you beat me to posting! 4.9.2 is live and has the fix @AMITNKALRA



Where can I find it?

It’s not on github.


It’s available via or Cocoapods.