Ios app id not validating?


Hi folks,

I can’t seem to get the validator tool fetching our iPhone App information [example src:]. The App is live and I have verified that the App ID is correct in both iTunes Connect and on the App Store [ID being 714091302 :].

When I submit the test.html page to the Validate & Apply tool [] it gives me the following error:
“Failed to fetch information for app with id 714091302”

I have also tried entering the id (714091302) on it’s own in the ‘try cards’ tab but to no avail.

Not sure where I’m going wrong? Any ideas?




Can you try adding the literal “id” to the beginning of the id, as in “id 714091302”

This is consistent with the itunes URL:



I am also facing the same issue. Our App is on ios as well as Android. The app ids are 620435554 (Apple) and com.mize.myproducts (Android). I have tested it on Thursday for Android and was working inconsistently. From Friday onward I am always getting Unable Render Preview message. I also tried by adding id. There was no change. Can I any one know whether I am missing in thing in this regard.

Thanks in advance for the cooperation.


Hi Suresh,

Can you provide a test URL I can try?



Hi Ryan,

I tried prefixing the literal id “id714091302” but still no dice (same error):

Kind Regards,