iOS AdMob adapter is not using GADAdSize, public initializers for GADBannerView



The MPGoogleAdMobBannerCustomEvent in 3.13.0 isn’t using any of the public API for Google Admob SDK’s GADBannerView. It fails to:

  1. Initialize it properly by passing in a GADAdSize to one of the public initializers.
  2. Set the size properly when requesting an ad by setting GADBannerView.adSize properly.

Instead, MPGoogleAdMobBannerCustomEvent sets GADBannerView.frame everywhere.

I’ve seen a few chopped off ads here and there, and I wonder if this is the culprit.

Anyway, could you please update the custom event to use the public APIs for GADBannerView?


Did you ever get this figured out?


Yeah, I modified the AdMob custom event file myself.