iOS 6.1.3 - Crash on initialising TwitterKit


Hi guys,

I have intergrated TwitterKit on my iOS app and all its functionalities works fine in iOS 8.1. When I deploy the same on iOS 6.1.3 [CFString retain]: message sent to deallocated instance exception is thrown on initialising TwitterKit. Kindly check the screenshot for more information and assist me in finding the reason for this crash. FYI, ARC is not supported in my project.

Any idea, whats the minimum iOS version supported by TwitterKit framework ?


Hi there,

Minimum supported iOS version for TwitterKit is iOS 7.0




First of all, thanks for the speedy reply. This kind of answers my question, so what can be done for providing twitter functionality on lower iOS version ?



@ashwin You can use TwitterKit 1.3.0 if you want to support iOS6.

@priyanka We still need to support iOS6, is there an easy way to download previous versions of TwitterKit?



Unfortunately, since launch, TwitterKit has supported only iOS7+. So, there is no way to make TwitterKit work on iOS<7.

If you need to use Twitter functionality on iOS<7, you can directly call the backend Twitter APIs from your own Obj-C code.


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