iOS 11 Removal Of System Accounts



I have an iOS app that has been using the Apple provided tweet sheet and SLRequest object to make Twitter REST calls for a few years. Sounds like iOS 11 is removing all social network accounts. This means that I can no longer make authenticated requests to the Twitter REST api using the iOS system account (SLRequest), and it looks like the Apple Tweet sheet will be non-functional as well.

What is the correct path for me to take going forward? I suspect I can use Twitter Kit to authenticate the user, and make REST calls? And also adopt the Twitter Kit tweet sheet? To best hook in with my existing code, I’d like a way to get a NSURLRequest with the appropriate authentication headers on it after the user authenticates. Is that available?


With iOS built-in Social Framework going away, you can use Twitter Kit 3 to log in users and compose Tweet as before.
Please refer to Social Framework migration doc for details.