Invalid URL when trying to validate a product in shopify store


Hi following these instructions we are trying to get cards setup with our shopify store.

Every tag passes except Image except for image and does not validate or return, come back with invalid URL for the image. Any ideas?

Sample code below. Thanks!


It looks like it might be the “relative protocol” in the twitter:image tag. Put “http:” before the “//” and it should work more predictably I think.


Hi taylor,
Thanks for chiming in…

That seems to be pulling from the img source in the article.content below. Do you have any suggestions to change on that line?

{% if article.content contains "<img" %} {% assign src = article.content | split: 'src="' %} {% assign src = src[1] | split: '"' | first | replace: '//cdn', 'http://cdn' | replace: 'http:http://', 'http://' | remove: 'https:' %} {% if src %}{% endif %} {% endif %} {% else %} {% if settings.logo_image == 'logo.png' %} {% endif %} {% endif %}