Invalid URL twitter summary card image


Anyone has experienced getting Invalid URL for for the twitter:image??

i.e. meta name=“twitter:image” content=“”>
I used the validator to check what is wrong with the tags, it is just saying “Invalid URL”.
Is there a particular format for the URL value?

I made sure that the robots.txt is properly configured as well but no luck.

Hope to hear any feedback.



Hello Raffger,

Have you made sure to submit to the validator an URL that contains all the required Twitter Cards tags? You cannot submit the image URL directly to the validator, but instead a page that contains the required markup, including the twitter:image meta tag.

Let us know if we can help further.


Hi Romain,

Yes, I’ve submitted the page URL (i.e. not just the image URL directly). Is there a maximum file size for the image for it to be valid?



Hi @raffger_sese,

Can you share out an example URL for us to look more closely?

Feel free to ping me at @rchoi when it’s available.