Invalid url image


Dear twitter experts,

I’m trying to use the Twitter Cards (summary) with my blogspot blog.

I implemented the meta following your instructions and everything seemed to be OK except for the twitter:image field.

In particular, I’m using this code for the image url:

However, what I get when validating the html is a "invalid url" warning.

If I ignore the warning I can approve the summary card, but of course the thumbnails are not showing. Could you please indicate me what I should use instead to employ as image the blogspot thumbnails of my posts?

Any help would be more than welcome.

Thank you much for your assistance.


The meta tag in the page must be of the format:

Have you confirmed that the output from the code you reference is outputting the correct <meta> tags?



Thank you very much Sean for your reply.

Well, I don’t actually know if I’m doing something wrong but for the rest of fields the blog reference worked fine:

My html knowledge is very limited. But my idea was to use for every twitter summary one of the post images as thumbnail (not a fixed image for all posts). I looked around and I though that the code posted above would do that in a blogger blog. However, the card validator complains about it.

Any help or comment is more than welcome since I don’t really know what I could do to fix it.


I have somewhat the same problem (sometimes an image, sometimes not), but what tag should I use?

<meta name = “twitter: image: src” …>
<meta name = “twitter: image”…>

Thank you for your help


The correct one to use is:


Do you happen to have an URL to a page that I can look at to inspect the Twitter Cards tags?

Also, are you seeing this on pages that do not contain a thumbnail? If so, surround the thumbnail with an ‘if’ condition like this and see if it corrects the problem:


Thank you. I will return to this syntax. But why the validator gives the syntax: <meta name = “twitter: image: src” …>? I thought my problem (sometimes a picture / sometimes not) came from there because before I used the syntax you advise me.


It doesn’t seem to solve the problem. The validator says image “not found”. However, it is more than possible that I’m doing something really silly…

Of course, please feel free to check my blog’s meta tags:

Thanks for your help!


Good news - I just looked at and it’s configured correctly and working fine in the Validator Tool.

Where are you seeing the invalid URL issue?


That’s fantastic! However, the Twitter summary is still not showing any image. If you check my last tweets with “summary” you may see that the text is there as expected but there is not image at all.

In my last tweet for instance I post the url and there is not image yet.

Thanks one again!


The problem continues. There is no images attached to the twitter summary card. Any help?


Can you please test the meta tags on this page:

For some reason, the same meta tags produce an image for the blog but not for any property page like above.



Your image URL is http://…

I believe it needs to be HTTPS secure - https://

You’ll see you get an invalid image URL error in the validator:


Believe this is because your robots.txt is invalid:

HTTP Error 404: Not Found


change this

to this
If you want to use “summery” or “summary large image” twitter card I recommend this must read this full solution for twitter card in blogger.
This works on multi author blogger blogs too.


Thanks again, @techinfoknow!