Invalid Time Window error on stats daily granularity


I am getting a INVALID_TIME_WINDOW error on the stats endpoints, when using daily granularity. Here is the error:

{u’message’: u’Expected start_time to be precisely aligned at midnight in timezone America/Los_Angeles for granularity DAY, got “2011-03-10T00:00:00-07” for start_time’, u’code’: u’INVALID_TIME_WINDOW’, u’parameter’: u’start_time’}

Is there a way of specifying the time without manually calculating the timezone offset?

For the specific example, the problem is that I am assuming the daylight savings offset for Los Angeles (+07), while the given date (2011-03-10) is not during DST, and should have the winter offset which is +08.

Is there a way of passing the start_time parameter without doing offset and DST calculations?


@m_taleski - can you please provide the full request and response?