Invalid Domain Pattern


Thanks. Team is working on another fix. Will update here when available.

Sorry for the back-and-forth; I can typically help with non-player cards more quickly.


Hi @rchoi - After the first fix, we were able to successfully apply to be whitelisted. However, we quickly received an e-mail with the following error:

“The URL you provided for to use the summary_large_image card did not validate. Please make sure the page contains valid metadata, then reapply for a Twitter card.”

Any ideas?


Hey @rchoi, we tested again within last week, but without success. Still “Invalid domain pattern”.


Can you provide a sample URL here?



I just submitted in the cards validator, and it looks like it whitelisted properly.

Let me know if you see other issues.


Sure thing - here’s a sample URL, @rchoi


I’ve submitted on our side. Will raise to our engineers for the issue you originally raised.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Krass, okay, now it works! Thanks a lot!


Hey @rchoi - looks like everything is working now. Thanks for the fix.

Kyle Magee
The Associated Press