Invalid Domain Pattern


It appears I am having a similar problem as some other people but thought i’d start my own topic rather than hijack another one.

I am trying to get twitter cads for and I am able to get a preview when i put in the sample domain of Blog. However, it says I am not whitelisted. When I request approval for whitelisting, it gives me the error message of

* whitelist request failed
ERROR: Invalid domain pattern

Is this because our @Carsforsalecom twitter handle has the main site attached to is and not like I am trying to get whitelisted? Other than that I dont know why this error message is appearing


I am also getting this domain pattern. When I validate a URL like:

I get the message:

* is not whitelisted

I would like to whitelist * instead. Help?


We’re experiencing the same error with the domain

* whitelist request failed
ERROR: Invalid domain pattern

Maybe a sub-domain related issue?



Sorry for the inconvenience. I know we pushed a fix yesterday. When I submit to the validator, I now see this:

Can you try and then submit? And if you already have, can you share a screen shot of the step/what you see?




Hi Ryan,

the preview of the card works fine:

But when I click “Request Approval” an error message appears immediately:

(Sorry, as new user I’m not allowed to embed screenshots directly ;-))

Cheers, Marcus


Thanks for getting back to me. When I run the validator, I get prompted to whitelist * That doesn’t seem right, but I submit the request anyway. When I do, I get this error:

“* whitelist request failed
ERROR: Invalid domain pattern”


Hi @rchoi - any hints?


Apologies for the delay. We have a bug in our system that’s being worked through.

But I’ve manually updated; when I tweet, I now see this:

Just so you know, Cards only show when a tweet is expanded; you’ll need to click the “View summary” link to see it.



Woohoo! thanks so much. Appreciate it.


Of course. and Tremendously sorry about the delay!


Hi Carsforsalecom,

I updated our site to whitelist. Sorry for the inconvenience.

FWIW, I didn’t see twitter Cards meta tags on any URLs; let me know if you have a specific URL I can help with.




@rchoi can we get the same workaround for us

basicly same bug effect.
"ERROR: Invalid domain pattern"

we have twitter cards on domain “” and this is a showstopper for us atm.


@rchoi I just updated and am now having the same bug, was wondering if I could it whitelisted.



@rchoi - We’re having the same problem here at the Associated Press. Would you please whitelist

Thank you,


Sorry for the delay here. We’ve pushed a fix; can you try it again?

If it doesn’t work, can you reply here with the URL you’re submitting to the validator?




Hi Matt and @mtbnews,

Sorry for the delay here. We’ve pushed a fix; can you try it again?




Hi Adam,

The validator is back on it’s feet. That said, it looks like you’re missing a twitter:image value.

Required meta tag missing (twitter:image)



@rchoi I’m not getting the same message as you are.

Here’s what I see.

I see that twitter:image is missing from the root, but not from the (more important) url I’m testing (below). Anyway, I’m still seeing the “not whitelisted” error. I’m sharing, but the validator is telling me “* is not whitelisted” (as you can see, there isn’t a subdomain in the URL, and the domain has been validated in the past).


Sorry for the trouble.

Can you humor me and try this URL in the tool?


Just did. Same result as in the screenshot I linked to above. Only error I’m seeing is the “not whitelisted” error.