Invalid card type


Twitter card validator for @insider_filings (example link: is giving me an error: “Invalid Card Type”.
However, my other address @economic_data validates fine (example link:

Photos for both twitter handles are hosted on the same website and @insider_filings was validating a couple of months ago just fine (@economic_data is a new addition).
On Twitter, photos are being displayed on @economic_data but not at @insider_filings.


The URL that resolves to is:

When going directly to that page, I don’t see any Twitter Card metadata tags on it.

The second URL does:


It is working now. Thanks for your help!


Why I always get error : Invalid card type ?
This is the link which I try to validate :
I’m using Squirrly SEO ; they have this feature that add automatically twitter card. I only have to Select Summary & Validate URLs and I get Invalid error. Help ?!


Hi Cristi, there are no twitter card meta tags found on your page so the
"invalid card type" is displayed. You will need to contact Squirrly SEO to
troubleshoot why their tool is not adding the proper tags after you’ve
selected to do so.