"Invalid card type" when the card type is "summary"


I’m using the Twitter Card Validator (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/validation/validator) to validate a card on my personal website (e.g. http://www.burgers.io/7). Every time I try, it gives me an “Invalid card type” error. However, my card type is “summary”, which is certainly a valid card type. I’ve tried various things, like changing my og:description to “test”, to make sure it’s not a problem with any other tags. My output looks like the following:

I feel like the above should work, because it’s very similar to http://clickrain.scorelab.co/2013-bake-off/13, which will validate (and is already approved).

What am I missing? Why is my card type invalid? What can I do to get my page to validate? The error message seems wrong, because “summary” is a valid card type, and without more information, I can’t debug this on my own.


Hi Bryan,

It might be because of the meta content type tags on your page. See this URL:


And search for content-type.