Invalid card type when meta tags are correct



I am using twitter cards meta tags for the following link,

Although the meta tags are correct ( I think they are ) the validator still gives an error of “Invalid Card Type”.

Can someone help me out on this one, I have hit a dead end here.



I have the same issue and it looks like Twitter doesn’t care as you an I have gone far to long without a solution being offered by them.

It’s had me going in circles for far to long so I’m giving up and moving on :frowning:



I just rewrote all the meta tags from scratch and it worked for me after that. The ones I am currently using are,

some of the meta tags have both facebook and twitter info, but that should not make a difference as it works fine for me.


You’ll get the “Failed to get a proxied URL for the image.” error if your image URL has a any underscores “_” it it.

For the look of it image URL can only have letters, numbers, and dashes


Having the same issue, even when I remove the image tag completely.