Invalid card type for summary card


I set up meta- tags for my site. I think they are correct.

When i trying to validate my card i get this error: Invalid card type.

Can anybody help me?



Can you help me? I have no idea how to solve this problem.


Maybe i need to include some agents to robors.txt?




I have problem again. What did you do?
My twitter card was working in my pages, but not it doest’n work…why?
All my cards are disappear now in my twitter account?

I approve my card ( by validator - .

And now approved page is working, but other pages isn’t working.

If i insert link to tweet to this page: , i can tweet with twitter card, but in another pages i tweet witwout card.

It worked 1 week ago, but now it don’t work…
And another problem - my cards have no image, but when i approved - it has image.



UPD: Some of my pages are working:

But some not work: