Intrusion on my Twitter


Dear Sirs
I have had few hick-ups with twitting, Mr Pickle have replied to my btinternet address, please if you are willing to discuss with me write to
For your interest I have gathered some information who may be the nasty HACKER, have consulted with my ISP , and also I shall discuss with Google ( Chrome) or Firefox , these intrusions can not be accepted in any circumstance .
Please get red of infested parasite .
The fellow twitters I share with if I inform them you might loose them , they are common red-neck twitters , please take a notice I am not bluffing , you can see on my tweets who are these powerful people .
Meanwhile wish you best of success , to clear up these parasites .
Best Wishes

Sam Arzhang


Trust I have spoken my peace , and you have taken notice ,
I tweet to the Queen UK, President Barak Obama, Ex-president of France and few other highly positioned people in the society , please be informed.


لولا الجيش العظيم ماكان لاثورة ولاثوار ولا وطن

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