Introduce Yourself


Hi everybody,
Nice to meet you all.

  • I am a PhD student doing research in Big Data and Social Media. I use Twitter as a case study.
  • What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)? - I am very fresh on this adventures. Just started in 1st October and spent grand part of it reviewing literature.
  • What do you do when you’re not developing? Sleep. :slight_smile:
  • Have a favorite bird? Yes. Penguin.


Wow cool




Hi Everyone, new here, but would love to get some feedback! I’ve been working with the twitter API since last year, when my brother and I founded, a social media analytics and user discovery platform. We use twitter (along with 4 other social nets) to grade you on your activity and passions. We then give you a search platform to find other people on your favorite networks to connect with based around these passions.

We’d love anyone interested to try it out, so let me know or @redfabbri if you’d like an invite. You guys can really help us grow!

Oh and, my favorite bird is the Eagle. Go BC!


until I finish on my inter-platform mind-reading raygun, I would appreciate your pity and gladly accept your laughter at my attempt to keep a grip on a core of real users. how can I better this, am I doing it wrong? If between doughnuts, you have a spare moment for thought, I would bow so low as to break my nose on the lonely cold ground which I stand with my cap in hand. With much respect…Thanks…Tony


I have created a WPF implementation for the Twitter API for use in the federal government. This is our agency’s first foray into social media. Yes, I know the federal govt is hardly trendsetters in technology;) I’m doing some things in the background that are customized; such as using separate threads to poll for an internet connection and send the Tweet(s) while keeping the UI responsive. For the most part, I find the documentation very well presented and documented. A big thank you to the Twitter API team because I know how difficult it is to create useful documentation. I’m also impressed by what other developers are creating…


Working with the Streaming API, StreamInsight, and sentiment engines :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m a technical lead at iris (, an integrated advertising agency in London. Just started working properly with the Twitter platform over the last few weeks, though I’ve been toying with things in my spare time for a fair while longer than that.

  • How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?
    We’ve been working with Facebook for a while (as the use-case for building things to integrate with Facebook is easier to explain to clients). We recently ran a campaign — #hitthewinner — to tie in with adidas’s sponsorship of Andy Murray, to coincide with the Wimbledon championships, which was really successful. For that, we built a utility to make it easier for our community managers to look through the Search API to find tweets in a particular time range that were eligible entries into the prize draws. We also used Bootstrap for the UI of that utility, which was remarkably simple to do :o)

  • What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
    The adidas #hitthewinner campaign is one of my most recent projects. We’re currently working on a couple of projects that involve aggregating user-shared content from several social networks to curate brand-related content into a portal (so finding photos from Instagram and Twitter, videos from Vine and YouTube and so on). Being at an ad agency there’s obviously quite a lot of other things going on, but those are the two that have occupied most of my time over the last week or two.

  • What do you do when you’re not developing?
    As well as my day job, I’m one of the guys behind mySociety and the Open Rights Group. I’m also a Twitter translation moderator for UK English. In what remains of my free time, I contribute to Wikipedia, mainly on mediæval European history.

  • Have a favorite bird?
    My knowledge even of British birds is pretty poor. I have a passionate dislike of pigeons and seagulls, but a soft spot for most other creatures. And robins (Erithacus rubecula) are adorable.


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I am working on NLP and have some money promised via Seedrs. My NLP app is called Senym.


Is there any way to create a countdown timer in a tweet? Could be a very useful concept for sports, entertainment, news, etc. For example, I often see posts from sports feeds stating something like ‘game begins in 30 minutes.’ It would be cool if that ‘30’ minutes was accurate based on when I see it (or alerts users that it’s already started or expired. Would be useful for entertainment as well when tv shows / actors are online to answer questions… all kinds of uses really.


I need help im new at this im trying to find a certain person on here. I dont know how to search for friends. Please help!!


Hi my name is johnny

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Hi, I’m a systems engineer from Croatia. I work mostly with Cisco equipment. I’m also an owner of a CCNA study guide website: Free CCNA. I’m also a developer of keystroke logging software, Signum Soft Keylogger: Keystroke logging.

I look forward contributing to this forums.


Can anyone tell me how I may apply to a twitter job career or who I may contact to submit a resume? I have tried posting on jobs but to no avail a blank page appears. My email is thank you.


Hi everyone, just jumping on this thread to introduce myself. I joined Twitter at the end of March to work in the Developer Relations team, so I’ll be helping out with supporting developers here on, as well as working on various initiatives around the APIs, Cards etc, and you’re likely to bump into me at events and conferences.

I’ve spent the past couple of years as Developer Advocate over at Cloud Foundry. More importantly, I LOVE TWITTER - I’ve been a user since early 2007, and I’m really looking forward to helping the team take it forward.

See you on the forums (or follow me on Twitter)


Hello! we are working on spreading information security awareness education, and Twitter is by far the best social-network for that! Looking to develop a few filters and scripts with my developer. Thanks for a brilliant network and api!




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Hi! I’m Polaquita and I’m new to Twitter Developers.
I have just started building an app using Twitter APIs; so there is a lot to read and learn.
I’m an originally software developer migrating to the web world.

When I’m not coding, I love to play Fútbol (yeah, I don’t like calling it soccer :stuck_out_tongue: )