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Hi, i’m new user,




I Dont know if this is the right place to post this well my name is Steve from Ireland and had an idea Wouldn’t it be great if you could order a book from twitter with your first 10000 tweets and then 10000 to 20000 could be your book 2 you could order and so on depending how many tweets you tweeted and then also your first 10000 Tweets you received and so on it would be great to always have your tweets on paper to read and keep forever kinda like a diary and Twitter would also benifit as they should make a great profit seilling the books just a idea thanks for reading.


Morning World! I am Adhi, a newbie who likes to know how things work. I loved following new development in the internet world, especially the booming of social media.

This is all out of my former job (I’m jobless now! :D) as a Military Logistic Consultant for Indonesian Military forces.

I love information and that’s why I’ve learning to be a broker/intermediary. Information for commissions. I love having lots of global minded friend.


hi All
I Just Started


Assalam o alikom (May Allah Bless you All)
Try to get started with Twitter api, Still unsure how to work it out.
Let see how far this drive will take me.




am Dryson i am a music producer and also an audio engineer,
loooking proffessional audio engineers to share some knowlegde!,


• I’m looking to start working with the Twitter Platform
• I’m a Interaction Designer with a personal project. A twitter client for Mac (no spoilers here… well just one:
• When I’m not designing, you’ll find me drawing cartoons with my daughters or playing football (soccer for most of you).
• Owls and Magpies


We are an established space-weather company just getting our toe wet in social media. We want to be able to send direct tweets when a large solar flare goes off. Our server handles all the overhead of determining whether a message has been sent (we already use email), the message is stale, etc, so the number of tweets will be very small.

I’ve been reading the developer twitter pages, but with the firehose of information in the docs, I’m not quite sure where to start.

Should I be using REST? Will we need to implement OAuth to just send tweets out to specific users, or to our own twitter account?

A suggestion or two would prove useful. Thanks in advance.


I’ve been with twitter for awhile but don’t have a clue on how to use it or what to do with it. What is it’s purpose? It befuddles me. I’m on facebook and that’s a no-brainer but twitter is something else and seems beyond me. I don’t really believe that so will persist in uncovering or discovering what to do with the ? whatever it is.
I’m an artist, author and one time was a registered nurse, a secular then biblical counselor and now I write and paint pictures and take a lot of photos that I use for paintings. Have two dogs and a cat, a house and a garden, two sons and no husband. Love life and walk the dogs, play with puddy tat, and generally love the Lord in all ways.


not to sure myself, i am trying to devlope it into a 9D type pingball game meself .


menuju samudra ilmu dan amal


i get now connect to twiter
im new


unfortunetly i cant writer english very well but i hope learn english and will speake with u
i think twiter is good palce for give in formation


Hi I’m eric ,from CHN .this is my first time to use twitter.It is very difficulty to use twitter and facebook in CHN mainland .I take a lot of time to get on the twitter and facebook.I m so glad that i can see the true world! and make friends with you!!


hello people !!


hello everyone, my name is Nthabiseng I’ve just joined twitter & im not yet familiar with everything.



twitter chat ( Twitter Messenger ) will help to chat with friends, i think ( USERNAME@TWITTER.COM ) email service will be the best way to increase the more user for twitter.