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How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?
Got interested in Twitter back around the first of the year(2011) and since I’ve a bit of background in recreational computing, poking at the API was just kind of a natural progression. My programming skills are rudimentary at best.

What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
My current project is PithyTwits, a Twitter/Google Maps mashup that is still far from public release. Screen shot here:!/BentFX/status/63552849518395392 Currently working out the intricacies of utf-8(16) in javascript. My programming is a sudoku sort of thing. It’s more about figuring out a puzzle while not doing anything productive.

What do you do when you’re not developing?
I drink lots of coffee and try to sleep.

Have a favorite bird?
I like those birds that spell it favourite.

  • How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?
    Mucking around in Java on and then with PHP implementing @abraham’s API for @SilvrSpoon
    • What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
      Too many to list!, and come to mind though…
    • What do you do when you’re not developing?
      Love to ride my bike all over Chicago and try out new restaurants. Guitar and software recording are also a major hobby alongside collecting vinyl records.
    • Have a favorite bird?
      I’ve always been partial to the Blue Jay. I rarely see anything outside of Pigeons in the city though…


Hi everyone,

My name is Jalil Johnson and you can find me @idewan143. I really don’t know how long I been on Twitter but I know I been on here for a while. I really don’t know what else to say, so I’m just going to bye and see yall another day.


For the last 5 years, I’ve been spending a lot of my time working with people who have lost their job due to the economy. Not only have I consulted 100s on how to navigate the job search process, but also how to nail the interview once they got the interview opportunity. The number of people out of work became so overwhelming, I decided to write my book titled, JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN JOB! This is a quick read (can be completed in one sitting) but an essential read for those who want to increase their chances of nailing the job once they’ve landed the interview. Go to for more information.

As the Dean for Northcentral University’s School of Business, I have a great opportunity to work with professionals throughout the world who want to improve their position in business through education. Working to help people is a tremendous blessing, which I would not trade for anything in the world.

Thanks for this chat and I look forward to seeing you around.



Hi everyone i’m an android developer working on indonesian AhaTV project which is a mobile TV and i work from india…presently i have integrated twiitter sample app in our application where we can only tweet but there is no option to see the tweets came for us…is there any one to help me how to do the later one…and i copied the code from this link


hi am alex here


Hi all,

How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?

  • I started out as a user in 2007, and then wanted to create something that allowed me to see all tweets surrounding an event.
    What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
  • In 2007, I came up with the concept op Twitterfountain, and have been working on that in my spare time since. Mind you, I am not a coder, so I had to find other people to help me out with that. @eerk has proven incredibly valuable, as have @wietseveenstra and @erik_mourits
    What do you do when you’re not developing?
  • I dream up other new concepts, like and
    Have a favorite bird?
  • I kinda like the mockingbord :wink:


I had difficulty getting in touch with you , i want to develop my business in ecowas , Abidjan , Ouagadougou , Cotonou , Lagos , Abuja .


Hey Friends,

I’m the founder of helping local businesses with their internet marketing.

I’m just getting started with the Twitter api for web intent. So far it looks interesting.



Am completely new to wtitter. Have’t go the hang of it yet but will keep trying. Jhn Finch


Hi everyone,

Our stab at a more focused and immersive reading experience is gradually taking form at

Users seeing plenty of links in their feeds are most likely to find use of the inline page previews.

This is our first exploration of the Twitter API, and there are likely to be some mishaps. Bug reports, suggestions and commentary in general is most welcome.

As for favourite bird, the Superb Bird-of-Paradise of New Guinea takes the prize hands down:



Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

Im the developer of the new and upcoming web app called MySocialSync ( which should go live at the 16th of august (if everything goes as planned).

Also I’ll be hanging around here to help others with their problems & questions when they need it.



I’ve been programming for ages, but I must confess that I’m getting increqasingly confused by the oAuth process.
I writing in CS5 Flash+AS3 for the iPhone, and while there appear to be thousands of samples out there - most are less than perfect. Does dev.twitter have code samples for AS3 on the iPhone?
I hope so.

  1. I really didn’t. i was on my way to go write and i saw some intimidating words that said-You have not signed up yet-I felt like the only twitterite who wasn’t ddoing my part-i was overly disciplined as a child feeling I must conform-Truthfully I write and was a former memtal health therapist who knows all to little about the internet and social media manipulation-therefore what I say on Linkin-shows up on facebook and likewise what I blog comes before the eyes of my entire town-On a serious note, this is happening-We baby boomers are not I-net savy-It concerns me- As for birds-I have a sevee bird phobia-They are beautiful and terrify me- A rooster beat me up in a wagon when i was two–


i m new at twitter

  1. A couple years back some hipster said, “Have some Kool-aid.” The slippery slope etc
  2. the usual and some bots/aiml experiments and geo and mashup and visualization stuff
  3. drawing
  4. birds


Hello! I am Alan Pico, I see many of you are Interesting people that can make Magic with all of these stuffs… I’m actually trying to learn to do this things, I’ve only made some twitter applications for fun, like to tweet something via (insert something funny here) Nothing serious, I will be here to read what are you guys up to and eager to learn more about the development of these Applications.

How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?
I’m trying to learn how to do that.
What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
I’m planning to do a twitter client for my Highschool, just for fun.
What do you do when you’re not developing?
School, Tweet, add stuff to my webpage.
Have a favorite bird?


Hey now!..

Totally newbie to the Twitter’s API.

Hope it will be fun! :wink:


Welcome, I have to tell you I really like being on here. You sure should have some fun. enjoy…


Im howdy, have been playing around with twitter for a while but just recently have designed a profile designer for it. i already have the template done with info path designer, an exact-fit to the last pixel, simple to use with no addons needed. I am interested in publishing it and need some feedback as to how I should do so. How would I go about contributing it to the twitter-designer? Who would I talk to? Don’t want money if thats the case, just the credit. Or would a thirdparty app which would prolly have to be add supported be a better option. I would like to hear back from Twitter about this but have had difficulty doing so. Please respond to my profile @HowdyMySpace.