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Hey Ryan, Everyone!

My name is Alan, I’m the CTO of @MarketMeSuite, its pretty fun stuff.

A little about me/us:

  • We’re a startup, innovating with the Twitter API for NEARLY 2 years :slight_smile:
  • I enjoy making organic home made bread.
  • Programming makes me happy and sometimes a little crazy too :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
  • My favorite bird is a Dodo :stuck_out_tongue:

Good day.


  • How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?
    by using it; wanted to integrate it with my websites
  • What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
    currently working on a new browsergame; suspected beta somewhere in august
    will have twitter integration as well, of course :slight_smile:
  • What do you do when you’re not developing?
    uhm… sleeping, eating, listening to music (although I do that while developing as well)
  • Have a favorite bird?
    not really (yet)


Hi, I’m Yuri!


This is Mittal Patel. I am a web developer and I am interested to develop some good app using twitter app. Recently I have used the basic API to integrate some features in one of my clients’ drupal website. It was a good experience. Hoping to dig in more soon !


Hello all,

I’m Adam, CTO at Argyle Social. I manage most of our social media integration code.

*How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?
I started out with some simple basic auth posting for a side project. I was impressed with how easy twitter’s rest api was. It has always been fun to play with.

*What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
** Posting to twitter - including scheduled posting and queueing for twitter downtime
** Pull timelines with mentions and retweets to look for important messages you may have missed
** Sitestreams integration to provide realtime tweets that are relevant to our users
** Aggregation of twitter metrics for across all your twitter properties.
** I have done similar integrations with Facebook for fan pages

*What do you do when you’re not developing?
Write specs, run a company, spend what little time is left with my wife and daughter.

Have a favorite bird?
Red Bellied Woodpecker


Greetings everyone,

I’m the founder and CTO of HubSpot (based in Cambridge, MA).

I’ve been working with the twitter API for about 3 years now. Have a couple of popular production applications include and (formerly TwitterGrader).

When I’m not writing code, I’m playing with my new baby boy. When he’s asleep, I’m I’m writing content for my blog about startups (

My favorite bird is the non-angry kind.


Hi everyone,

I’m the Lead Developper at @nexalogy(based at Montréal, QC, CA)

I’ve been working with the twitter api for a year now using the twitter search API and the twitter streaming API to aggregate data into our software (Nexalogy SMAS)

Except coding all the time, i’m playing video game and Live Action Role Playing(LARP) game too. Ex.: all White wolf, medieval campaign(GN) and others.


Taylor - thanks for reaching out to community.

First practical use case: demo ability to manage brands & breaking news, re: second half of slide deck @

Second practical use case: Twitter list on missing people (Amber alerts / Silver Alerts) @!/aghilmort/missing-people) - experimenting with turning that into a

Third practical use case: MightyMoRiver project to track Missouri River flooding - by day we use twitter (@MightyMoRiver), by night we use Crowdmap (, and we curate a from related tweets ( - all cr:

From personal perspective, use Twitter to stay in touch with folks & to get fresh perspectives (keep a perspectives list) and to tweet out posts on my thoughts about how we can collectively share and integrate info (

All in all, find platform & API very useful, along with RSS feeds (API good, but for many apps, RSS suffices) - RSS for lists would be big+, please keep RSS for search.

Also, big fan of Twitter + APIGEE - e.g., that’s what powered the second real experiment listed above.

Hope this helps, and keep up the good work.




•How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?

In 2008, I was writing LINQ Programming/McGraw-Hill and needed a data source to show how to build a custom LINQ provider. (btw, LINQ is language integrated query and is a way to query data sources in .NET languages such as C# and VB - cool stuff). Looking around, I happened accross Twitter and noticed they had an API and thought it might be fun, humorous, and a tad bit off the beaten path to build a LINQ provider based on Twitter. I also wanted to publish the code as open source. Initially, it was a very simple example with limited functionality, just something to prove the concept. To my amazement, people started using it and requesting more functionality. From there, I was really drawn into the concept and and felt like it was a worthwhile endeavor to continue development. Today, LINQ to Twitter ( is used by .NET developers around the world and feedback is generally positive.

•What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?

I’m an independent consultant, specializing in .NET technologies. My work varies and my clients generally have contract terms that allow them to line me up in front of a firing squad if I talk about it. :slight_smile:

•What do you do when you’re not developing?

You mean there’s something to do other than development?

•Have a favorite bird?

Chicken - roasted - Yum. :slight_smile:


My cofounder Lee @Semel and I have been hacking around on Twitter for a while through @Sawhorse Media.

Our first Twitter exploration (along with our friend Adam @Varga) was Flickr My Background back in 2008. It turned your latest Flickr image into your Twitter background. Got a bunch of loyal users including @edyson and a shout out from @Ev, but ultimately fell victim to the oAuthpocalypse.

Next we launched the @ShortyAwards, which became the top trending term in Twitter within 24 hours of launch and beat out “Christmas” for most of December 2008. We only intended for the Shorty Awards to be a small event, but after it got so much attention we scrambled to make it happen in a big way. We just had our third annual hosted by the Daily Show’s @Aasif Mandvi. You can see photos and videos at

After we saw lots of journalists came to the Shorty Awards, we launched to curate and analyze what journalists are saying on Twitter. We’ve now verified thousands of journalists on Twitter. We turned Muck Rack into a platform and launched sites including and We created Muck Rack before Twitter lists existed, but we launched to curate Twitter Lists within hours of the launch of Twitter Lists themselves.

Big shout out to our friends at Twitter for their constant support.

Favorite bird: see my Twitter avatar


One note: I’ve been reading Joe Mayo’s books since Delphi days, and now I follow him on Twitter and have used LINQtoTwitter on personal projects. Highly recommended.

Most of my work has been on personal projects that never got off the ground. To be honest, I’m a reader, researcher, and theorist above all else. I got started primarily out of work necessity, but also from pushes by someone there.

I currently work for a company building a transaction and social/philanthropic engine on top of the Twitter platform. I also work with @Oniracom, which manages the social media for many major bands.

When I’m not developing I’m playing games, reading, watching marathon television, and/or making music. Or trying to bridge all of these somehow.

Where I’m going, “the birds sing a pretty song & there’s always music in the air.”


Hey, I’m an iOS developer in San Marcos, Texas. I say developer, but I don’t actually do any coding. I founded @appcubby with the intent of learning, but ended up partnering with some great coders over the past few years. Though I don’t code, I manage the entire development process and know just enough about coding/UI/UX/etc to annoy the folks I work with.

  • @elfredpagan and I started working with the Twitter API in March of this year. We're building an iOS app that should launch in the next 30 days. You can get a sneak peak at the icon here: [I'll give more details and post screenshots when we wrap up development]
  • My other projects are a bit long in the tooth, but you may have heard of my iOS fuel economy app, Gas Cubby. It's been featured multiple times by Apple and all over the web (Wired, CNN/Time, Daring Fireball, GQ, Gizmodo, TUAW, Macworld, etc.). I wrote a chapter in "iPhone User Interface Design Projects" published by @apress. My blog posts (on and ) have been linked to quite a bit and even quoted in a few books like @bxchen's "Always On".
  • I have 2 very young children, so when I'm not working I'm generally changing diapers, reading children's books aloud, hanging out at playscapes, chiding misbehavior, etc.
  • My favorite bird is the condor. I've never seen one in person, but it's just amazing to think of such a large bird taking flight. I also have this vague childhood memory of a Disney movie where several people rode on the back of a large condor-like bird. I was awestruck.


Hello hello,

I started writing Twitter applications for client work (mainly social login integrations and tweet functionality). I’ve created a social login system that can sync and merge accounts from multiple providers via OAUTH2. I segwayed into writing a tool to find similar Twitter users (caution, slow) called Mofollow, Since then, I have been jumping through hoops to write a full-fledged application based on Twitter places and geolocation called DoorTraffic. The application enables businesses to engage nearby users via lead generation. It’s currently in a staging environment, but can’t wait to launch publicly.


Thanks :slight_smile:


#lazyweb requires askers to tag their tweets. The top of our question funnel starts with tweets that contain question marks and then you can do keyword searches based on hashtags if you want.


Hi Everyone!

•How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?

I started working with the Twitter platform in 2008 when I wrote some simple Javascript code to share links on twitter (using XMLHttpRequest and doing a POST to

An embarrassing comment from my code:

// XXX todo, if this is over 160 char, I think twitter will reject it

•What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?

I work on Postbox (a desktop email client for Mac and Windows, see You can tweet from Postbox and if you follow someone on twitter, Postbox will show you their twitter profile picture when displaying emails from them. Postbox will also show you their photos when autocompleting email addresses while composing new messages.

Before Postbox, I worked on Firefox.

•Have a favorite bird?

The manakin, a crazy fast bird that can also moonwalk. See



I think I have a trick for getting around N! scaling in data analysis. I would be interested in working directly with the math gurus at Twitter, rather than developing an API.


Hi everyone!

  • I got started integrating the platform in various places on HuffPost
  • Huffington Post and some random screwing around like @gaddafDOTly (a Gaddafi-themed link shortener with auto-shortening bot; Libya sadly suspended the domain)
  • GTL, watching Whale Wars
  • The Goffin’s Cockatoo - had one as a pet and they have great personality and dance abilites


Hi! Been a web developer since 1997 (asp .Net, VB, Adobe ColdFusion Expert, SQL Server Analysis and Integration Services… yum) and in recent years, I went all gaming #andwhatnot. Love to try new stuff and for the last several years went social media crazy, Linkedin, Facebook, youtube (xl my favorite),, ect… Now I’m all obsessed and often tweet while playing Playstation 3 games or Cafe World, doing coursework, listening to music, and coding.
•I really got serious about it started using twitter about 3 years, ago blame Facebook.
•Currently I’m working on a few projects that have Twitter and other social media components… so I never sleep ^_^.
#no1likesmebecause I’m over 30 and loves video games, tweets to often, won’t let people push me or others around, and talks way too much
•I don’t really like birds but try not to run them over when in the road… sorry =(


How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?
I have a startup idea in mind. Thinking of leveraging the social platform to test out some of my ideas

What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
I have helped a few of my friends in the past with startup ideas. Still waiting for my million dollar idea.
What do you do when you're not developing?
 I'm a product manager with a health care company
Have a favorite bird?
Chicken specially when its inside a Burrito