Introduce Yourself


Hey Everyone,

I’m Carlos Cessa, a mexican developer I’ve been developing websites from some years now.

  • I develop my first Twitter app this past weekend for a project named Video Cruncher for Probayes ( the site is at (still waiting for the domain ( )) ) anyhow for the project I’ve to display the number of tweets and followers of the project twitter account, and since the site is developed on CodeIgniter I create a PHP library:
  • Currently I’m working on my CodeIgniter Twitter library
  • When not developing I’m learning new things, mostly about programming or design, but I’m not just a geek, I also love playing Tenis (is my true passion =D ) and riding my mountain bike
  • Humming bird is my favourite.


Hi everyone,

I’m Taylor Singletary, a developer advocate here at Twitter for the past year and a half or so. I support developers, partners, work on, write documentation, and so on. You may notice that my avatar changes frequently.

  • I started with the API similarly to most: building small scripts and experiments to tweet from my console. My interest in the API snowballed while working at LinkedIn as part of the team managing the site-wide integration as well as the Company Buzz and Tweets “InApps”.

  • Before Twitter, I was with LinkedIn’s platform & engineering teams. And before that, I was a Ruby and Perl programmer building various sites like and

  • I’m an analogue synthesizer enthusiast and avid video game player.

  • The owls are not what they seem.



Hi all,

I’m Sam Wierema, developer at Twitter Counter (@TheCounter). I just want to say awesome work with the new developers website!

  • I started using the API to create a module for Joomla! which allowed you to show your user timeline in your Joomla! website. But the real hardcore API work started working at Twitter Counter (@TheCounter), trying to get everybody’s statistics.
  • I’m currently working on Twitter Counter (@TheCounter), @Twitaholic, @UseQwitter and @TweetSaver. I’m currently also working on (stats for Google+) and I’m involved with other projects at The Next Web (@TheNextWeb).
  • Sleeping
  • Ducks are quack-a-lacking


Hey everyone,

I’m David, one of the co-founders of @Crowdbooster ( We help social media marketers measure and optimize their activity on Twitter and Facebook. I built my first app with the @twitterapi during my junior year at @Stanford (Spring 2009) to help customer service reps and marketers sort through questions. Since then, I’ve hacked on quite a few things involving the @twitterapi: a Twitter baseball alerts app, an on-the-fly forum based on other Twitter users talking about the same subject, a Twitter Q&A product, a Twitter group-sharing app, a Twitter campaign manager, and now lots of things for @Crowdbooster.

My favorite bird would have to be the Black @AngryBirds (See


I’m Zac Bowling. I hang around these parts. I just hack on things… sometimes related to Twitter.

I’ve been using Twitter since 2007. I used to work at Seesmic a few moons ago. Ever since I’ve been deep in the dev community.

I code constantly. Not really much anything else. I’m also a huge hackathon junky.


The abraham is the man :slight_smile:


Hi everybody!

I’m Dana Neumeyer (formerly Contreras), and I’m the tech lead on Twitter’s Integration team. We’re responsible for the care and feeding of Twitter’s Rails stack, which powers the API. I’ve been with Twitter since March of 2010.

I devote most of my time to Twitter so I don’t have much in the way of other projects to tell you about, but in a past life I made a GPS navigation system for light airplanes on Palm OS. When I’m not knee-deep in the Twitters, you might find me hiking Mt. Tam, playing soccer, or dancing to dubstep.

My favorite birds are the little tiny ones that run up and down the beach in Florida. Every time I see one of them darting by, I hear a cartoon running sound in my head.


Started working with the @twitterapi about an hour after I watched Steve Job’s first announce that “web apps were the development platfor for the iPhone”, I built @hahlo (which according to its numerical id was the 28th ‘app’ registered to use the OAuth api). @hahlo doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as it once did, thanks to the ‘better’ native alternatives, but still has a loyal following. It also doesn’t get as much of my personal attention as it once did, but this is mainly because “if it ain’t broke”.

My free time (ie. when I’m not at my full time job) is currently occupied by various personal projects such as @nextameapp, @thesmashcut, @bigbashboard, WordPress themes and plugins (you may have heard of the Fluency Admin plugin) and countless other things. I have more personal project than I do time to work on them. This is bad.

When I’m not designing/developing something, I’m looking for something to design or develop. Its a terrible habit. I really need to stop doing that.

Fave bird? Macaw.


Started working with the Twitter Api a few months back, mostly playing around. Now I am in development of some cool integration projects between various social networks. Very fun.

I am currently working on ShoutPlans which will eventually have Twitter integration. I work on various websites for small clients, using Drupal and Wordpress often.

I ski, listen and play music… and code.



I’ve been on Twitter since September of 2007. I’ve writing software since my age was in the single digits.

  • I got started with the Twitter API just recently. I created to translate tweets in real time. I follow a good bit of people that speak a different language than me. I don’t believe that language should stop our interaction, so I built this translation tool. What’s there at this moment is only a couple of days of hacking, hopefully I’ll have my first complete Twitter app this week.

  • I’m currently working on cloud-based medical imaging solution at a start up that we’ve been growing for a few years. In the past I’ve developed all sorts of apps, many of which were web based. Now-a-days I have my head in the clouds and big data.

  • When I’m not writing code I’m either making music or designing something to write. Oh, I like movies and video games… and movies about video games.

  • Favorite bird? good question… probably a sparrow, I like those little guys.

  • I started working with the Twitter API back in March of '09 and have loved it ever since.
  • I’ve worked on too many things to list, but the most Twitter-centric thing I have in the wild is
  • If I’m not developing, I’m probably testing (or playing with the kids.)
  • My favorite bird, bird, bird is the word.


Hey Birds,

Jack is speaking. Have been playing twitter API for 1.5 years and found it is relatively the best and openest platform for developers.

How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?
It has lots of business value in social media industry.
What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
A CRM with both Facebook and Twitter
What do you do when you’re not developing?
Softball and any other things to release my hands from keyboards
Have a favorite bird?
Angry birds? No…Hmm, can twitter work together with Angry Birds? Let me know if this is finally coming out.


Hi all,

  • I started working with Twitter API soon after it launched for random personal projects and just playing around.

  • Working on my startup ( using Twitter API. I also use Twitter API to A/B test my bio. What I found: Stuffing keywords bring new random followers.

  • I am marketing when I am not developing.

  • Penguin!


Hi all,

  • I’ve been working with the Twitter API since 2007 and am the project lead of
  • I enjoy playing with my sun!
  • My favorite bird is poll parrot



Sylvain from Montréal here, been looking/poking/hacking/monetizing the Twitter API since it opened up (wow, it’s been a while).

I am the CTO/co-founder of Needium ( we harvest/index/filter the Twitter API to find people expressing local needs and help small businesses answer them (think: craving sushi and having the closest chef answer your request).

We are a team of 5 developers (mostly Ruby/Rails/Redis and more) working with the API. I also organize many events for developers/hackers at Notman House, a local hacker space (

I have been blogging at for over 10 years and you can find me on Twitter at (in English) and (in French).

When I am not obsessing over what people are talking on Twitter in specific cities, you can find me biking the heck out of hills in Montreal (and thinking I could do more or less the same in SF) and teaching my 3 kids longboarding OR fishing OR DJing OR hacking OR camping OR just letting it go (503, try later, implement error handling code for your life events).


I’m from Gulbarga (Karnataka State, India). I use twitter via #SMSTweets from it runs by using local mobile number i.e; +919243000111. We can send tweets FREE of cost:) this app created by and thanks to @mayanks


I’m in Los Angeles, and started working with the Twitter API in 2009 and built, a site for running petitions on Twitter. I wanted to prove you could use Twitter for activism if you designed something to specifically take advantage of it.

Now I am building my startup, NationBuilder, which is the essential toolkit for a new generation of leaders and creators. It uses the Twitter API along with about a dozen others.


Hi All

Great site and looking forward to reaching out. In particular looking forward to some good two way communication with Twitter themselves :slight_smile:

I am the co-founder/CEO of ManageFlitter - we are based in Sydney Australia - our web app launched just over a year ago, and a pro version launched a few months ago.

I am the business half of the team and also provide a lot of strategic and product input.

I will be in the Bay Area/New York in August and would love to connect with other folk also involved on some level with the Twitter ecosystem.

Outside of building high growth global web businesses very into nutrition, yoga, travel, festivals like Burning Man etc.



I have joined with twitter recently.According to me it is not at all interesting.I do find it outlandish when people say that they are hooked on these stuffs such that “facebooking”,“twittering” and so on and so far… they are simply means to keep majority of the population online.FRIVOLOUS! Not everything that is in is good… still hats off to those cunningly diplomatic people who fabricated ‘twitter’.


Hi all!,

I’ve been delevoping on Twitter platform for 3 years. I’ve used Streaming, REST and Search APIs. Some of my projects are,,,

Elance profile: