Introduce Yourself


For some of you this will be the first time and for everyone else it’s another opportunity to meet everyone all over again…

  • How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?
  • What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
  • What do you do when you’re not developing?
  • Have a favorite bird?

( See @abraham’s thread from the old Twitter Development Talk group for the last round of introductions: )


Hi everyone!

  • I got started years ago when @twitterapi was only @al3x and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since.
  • Currently I’m working on @inboxq where we help users find and answer questions asked on Twitter. (Think #lazyweb without needing a hashtag)
  • There is stuff you can’ do that isn’t developing?
  • The dodo is pretty awesome.


Hey all.

  • I've been working with the API for 3 years now. Got started on the Twitter platform creating @theGOODUploadr
  • Currently just launched @SellSimply where you can buy and sell anything with one Tweet.
  • When not developing I'm designing stuff to be developed.
  • Favorite bird would be the middle finger, of course. ;)

Keep up the great work, @TwitterApi.


Hi there, I guess that this means I can now also reply here :slight_smile:

  • I started working with the Twitter API after @barthoekstra started complaining about Twitter’s lists and TweetDeck’s implementation. I decided there was a better way to do it and I (sort of) succeeded. From that moment I’ve done a lot with the API and answered a lot of questions about it.
  • I have no current projects related to the Twitter API but I’ve done a few small projects with it. I just like answering your questions about it :slight_smile:
  • There’s nothing I do besides developing, sleeping and eating. I’m one of those folks without a life :wink:
  • A chicken is a bird and they taste well (sorry vegetarians!). For looking at birds I prefer the Twitter bird, since it’s a virtual one.



Hey all! Hope you guys like the updated DTC. We’re especially excited about the new Discussions section and the Blog. Listening to and learning from the community is really important to us, so please let us know how we can continue to improve our tools and support.

Now a little about me:

  • I joined Twitter a little over two years ago. I had been hacking on the API for a while (no big projects) when @al3x reached out to me to come join the team. It’s been a wild ride since.
  • Prior to Twitter I worked at Skyhook Wireless and I was behind bringing the W3C Geolocation API to life. Now that I work at Twitter, I don’t have much time for outside projects :slight_smile:
  • Hockey (I grew up in Michigan), eating out and spending time with friends.
  • I’ve always loved the hummingbird. When I was young, I would visit my grandparents in Arizona where they had hummingbird feeders and I loved watching them.

I look forward to meeting more of you soon!


Hi all,

I hack proof of concept code together for business customers then get proper devs to deliver the production code :slight_smile:

We focus on business IM and microblogging with a gateway to Twitter so that business customers can apply content rules and archive tweets.



Hi everyone - welcome to the new developer site! We hope you guys like it. Please make sure to continue giving us feedback on things you’d like to see added or changed over time. We want to continue improving the site as time goes on, to better enable development of awesome applications leveraging the Twitter API.

  • I just joined Twitter about three months ago. Started playing with the API while I was in grad-school, and couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of the team now. Enjoying every minute of it.
  • Before joining Twitter, I was working at Google for about four years on their developer relations team. I advocated for and supported a number of APIs there, including Analytics, Checkout, OpenSocial, and others.
  • Playing guitar. Been a serious hobby of mine since I was a child.
  • The Bald Eagle. Seeing those things in flight is amazing.

Looking forward to talking with more of you in the forums, and meeting in person, soon.


Hey, I’m Steve Streza, a mobile/web developer in San Francisco. I got started with @TwitterAPI about 3 years ago, doing gentle poking at the API. I’ve since done a bunch of stuff against the API, most of which died due to lack of motivation.

  • I began working on an iPhone Twitter/Facebook client, @StreamlinesApp, in February 2009. I worked on it for about two years before killing it due to lack of time and energy, and growing intrusion from Twitter into the client market.
  • With the OAuth transition, I created one of the first implementations of single-token OAuth, OAuthery. This tool lets you put in a consumer key/secret and get an OAuth access token via the PIN flow. It’s open source, and clearly demonstrates the authorization flow of OAuth. A number of developers used this tool to learn how to handle the transition from xAuth to OAuth for the DMs permission.
  • I contributed to the most popular open source Twitter library for Cocoa, MGTwitterEngine, by adding OAuth support. These contributions are in a significant number of Twitter apps that run on Mac, iPhone, and iPad today.
  • I work for ngmoco (who I don’t speak for), on the Plus+ team. I implemented Twitter contacts support for the Plus+ network, letting users find their Twitter friends on our service, and also for posting to Twitter which games you’re playing.
  • When not developing, I’m sleeping. Maybe DJing a bit. But mostly developing.
  • The only birds I like are the ones I can eat.

(p.s. is this thing Markdown? Inline links seem to be getting stripped)


Nice to get to know you folks.

  • I started working with the Twitter API when I created a Messenger Plus! script (called Tweet2PSM). At first, it only used the public feeds. Then I developed a Twitter library, with OAuth - nowadays hosted at I eventually used it for Tweet2PSM.
  • Work with the Twitter API intensified when I needed to update an automatic tweet script when OAuth was made mandatory last summer. I decided to port Codebird to PHP. My current project with Twitter is a user helpdesk for Windows Live users - I am taking ideas from CoTweet. This project is hosted on Github too (“nico”).
  • Sadly there’s a normal life for me besides work, too!
  • I like blackbirds and sparrows most. :slight_smile:

Best, mynetx


Hi everybody.

  • I co-founded @140ProofAds, a high-scale, real-time ad network powered by Twitter data. I also maintain the twitter Ruby gem [1] and contribute to the twitter-text [2], simple_oauth [3], oauth2 [4], and omniauth [5].
  • I’m currently a Fellow at Code for America [6].
  • When I’m not writing code, I’m writing code.
  • My favorite bird is the superb bird-of-paradise [7].


Hi I founded (@tweettronics) more than two years ago now, and consult as CTO for a variety of startups and VC.


Hi Ryan,

Great new resource, glad you went open source with Drupal :slight_smile:



Hey guys!


Hi Ryan, I’ve tweeted you a few times and emailed you. Maybe I can get your attention on here :wink:

My name is Tammy and I’m CEO @MarketMeSuite - been developing for Twitter for a year and a half - released our first app when I had my baby, so it’s easy to remember! I look forward to this being a more open place to communicate. And hopefully get answers to our questions.


Heya all

  • I originally joined Twitter in dark days of March 2007. I've played a little with the API, but nothing serious quite yet.
  • I currently work at Microsoft as a Software Developer in Test in Office but in the out-hours, I like nothing better than hacking code together.
  • When not coding, I'm breaking things or cooking Korean food or sleeping :)
  • Nightingale.


How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?

I’m more in a position of developer support right now. But I have an interest in the Twitter ecosystem.

What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?

I work for @WhatTheTrend which was created in February 2009.

What do you do when you’re not developing?

Spending far too much time on and Empire Avenue lately. I also like to cook, write (letters and nonfiction) and going into New York City for cultural events (okay, bar hopping) and conferences.

Have a favorite bird?

A tie between a cardinal (for beauty) and a double-wattled cassowary (for amusement).


I thought inboxq did use hashtags - has it changed recently?

  • How did you get started working with the Twitter platform?
    I installed Marc Mims’ Net::Twitter and started coding.

  • What projects are you/have you worked on (whether Twitter-related or not)?
    Right now, my big thing is the Data Journalism Developer Studio, a collection of tools for hackers in the data journalism field.

  • What do you do when you’re not developing?
    Eat, sleep, listen to classical music, jazz, drink the world’s finest beers brewed just miles from my home, and ride TriMet.

  • Have a favorite bird?
    Poe’s Raven, as portrayed by Peter Lorre.


Hello, everyone. I’m Ben Ward and I’m a developer on Twitter’s Platform team. Specifically I work on ‘Twitter for Websites’ where we build the Tweet Button, Follow Button and Web Intents. I also do a substantial amount of work on our OAuth screens.

  • I got started with the Twitter API quite soon after I signed up for Twitter in 2006.
  • I’ve written various odds, sods, scripts and transformers around the Twitter API, including one of the first Twitter clients in late 2006 (Twitgit, which was a Mac OSX dashboard widget.) That said, it wasn’t terribly good and when Twitterrific came out shortly after, the project languished, and then got a roughly annual update every time I got a little motivation.
  • I worked on a 1:1 Twitter API wrapper in JavaScript for a bit, too, and did some simple Twitter blog integrations at Yahoo, where I worked before joining Twitter.
  • Away from my keyboard, I cook, write, cycle, and play records.
  • My favourite bird is the Robin, as a comforting reminder of crisp, cold English winters.


Hey Everybody,

I’m Eric Falcao, a founder and the director of platform for Mass Relevance. I live in Austin, TX but I love travelling, especially to San Francisco and anywhere in Europe :slight_smile:

  • I started building my first Twitter-powered application 3 days after my twin babies were born: May 8th, 2009. That product was TweetRiver and we built the first version in a weekend after having noodled on the concept that “businesses are going to want to safely share what people are saying about them on Twitter.”

  • TweetRiver (now a product of Mass Relevance) is the only thing I’m working on.

  • When not developing, I’m spending time with the family or riding my bike.

  • Cardinal is my favorite bird