Internet Explorer has modified the page to help prevent cross-site scripting message


I used the twitter widget for some feeds. Now I am using the new embedded twitter-timeline widget. I looks good. But some times a warning appears on the IE8 browser: “Internet Explorer has modified the page to help prevent cross-site scripting message.” I know I can disable the “Cross-Site Scripting Filter” feature in the web browser, but the message is annoyingly if the widget fetches new feeds the warning appears every time (


I am also experiencing this issue when viewing an embedded timeline in IE9. I’m afraid I’ll have to advise the customer against embedding twitter to avoid scaring and confusing visitors with the erroneous warning message.


Hello. We’ve added the appropriate HTTP header to our responses, so this should be fixed as of this afternoon. Please let us know if you’re still seeing the issue. Apologies for any concern this may have caused.



Hello Ben, the warning does not appear any more. Thank you!

BTW Twitter for new webpages is great. I think, for pages with news and content the twitter timeline will rock Google. I hope twitter will in near future develop an handsome search, with more predefined hashtags (like $ for equities).



I’ve been getting this problem on my message board in the past week.

I upgraded to IE10 yesterday hoping it might cure it but not so. Strangely I also have a slightly different Timeline on my main website at and I’m not getting the problem there.

Could it be php related?


This widget is now deprecated and will cease functioning on May 7th, 2013. You should upgrade to [node:10248].


I believe I’m already using it???

Tweets about “#Harriers”



I just checked both pages—the homepage and the forum page—in IE10 and couldn’t reproduce the error. Both are now showing the new widget, the only difference being that your homepage is rendering in IE8-standards mode, rather than IE10 mode (hence the lack of rounded corners on the homepage.) However, neither mode displays the XSS error message.

If the error is still persisting please let us know!



Hi Ben.
The error is still there (date in system tray):

How would I make the pages render in IE10 mode? I have looked on W3Schools for an updated Doc type but couldn’t find anything at all.

When I installed IE10 on Sunday the home page did show the correct rounded corners. Yippee I thought. Next day it had reverted back :frowning:

I have asked for feedback about the problem from other users but no one has got back to me yet.



It is affecting other users too:


We’re experiencing the same issue with the widget box. It seems to only happen in Internet Explorer. I hope that it can be fixed soon.

members reporting the problem:


It seems that Twitter don’t know how to fix this problem then?

I think I’ll dump it where it belongs


It doesn’t seem to even happen on the first page view or every page load. It’s kind of random when it happens. It’s happening often enough to be annoying to users.


Hi everyone. Apologies for this. We think we’ve traced the cause of this regression and will try to have a fix for it soon.



Hi, any update to when this issue will be resolved, cheers