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Some of the best fashion apps are surprisingly not from the most fabulous brands. Stylish apps that bring a unique experience or special function to your smartphone are the ones that should earn the coveted space on your phone’s home screen. Think of virtual closets incorporating your current clothes with new offerings from the most popular retailers, and one-stop viewing of all your favorite high-end catalogs. These are functions you should look for in mobile apps, as shopping capabilities are not enough reason to download an app these days. Here are five suggestions you should download.

Catalog Spree (iOS Free)
Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus, oh my! Get all your favorite store catalogs in one handy app, thanks to the Catalog Spree app for iPhone. You can also use the app to unsubscribe from paper catalogs via Paper Karma. Use the app to shop virtually for some sexy new shoes or whatever you fancy, and help save some trees at the same time. Plus, you get access to catalogs first and exclusive deals.

Snapette (iOS, Android Free)
While you are out shopping, snap a photo of your fashion finds with the Snapette mobile app. Fashionistas who just can’t get enough of shopping, shopping, shopping will love bringing this app along on their next trendy hunting experience to snap pictures of their finds. Use the innovative app to tap into exclusive discounts from your favorite retailers and to locate some of the top boutiques around the world. Or simply browse photos for inspiration on what to wear next while you are out and about hunting for your latest wardrobe treasure.

Wanelo Shopping (iOS, Android Free)
Dubbing itself “the best in shopping entertainment,” Wanelo is an online hub for stylish socialites. As it applies to fashion, community members post their latest purchases with a price tag and the store, and others can comment. Wanelo aims to showcase both independent stores and well-known brands. The mobile app extends the already impressive functionality of the website, separating categories into: Women, Men, Home, Kids. You can also browse items based on your budget. The app’s layout is nothing short of gorgeous, using a tiled design that draws the eye to sassy tops, dresses and accessories that you can combine to make stunning Spring and Summer ensembles.

Pickn’Tell (iOS, Android Free)
Are you one of those people who won’t buy an item of clothing without feedback from a family member or your best friend? Then, the Pickn’Tell mobile app is definitely for you. Basically you take a selfie picture in the dressing room or in store and post to the app. This shares your photo with all your friends so they can give you feedback on whether to buy or not. You can even gain points and earn prizes for your activity with this savvy shopping app. There are several more fun benefits to downloading the app like managing your wardrobe virtually and special shopping deals.

Swirl - Your Personal Shopping Assistant (iOS Free)
Unlock exclusive offers with the Swirl app simply by walking into your favorite store. This app does more than just help you virtually shop. It actually modernizes the way you do your old fashion shopping at the physical store space of the retailers you love. Another bonus is that you can track all your favorite apps from this one handy app versus downloading a ton of branded apps. If you are strictly looking for fashionable deals then you definitely want to have this app on your mobile phone. Swirl is your personal shopping assistant for more than 200 retailers from Aldo to Zara.