Internal Server Error



We have implemented a large image with summary twitter card on our site, however when putting the URL into the card validator we get ‘Internal Server Error’, with no other information.

The URL is:

Could you inform us of what is not working correctly?



is your robots.txt file set up correctly, per the Cards Troubleshooting page?


Same problem here, and I can’t see any error in the server logs


We have updated the validator in a few placed where “Internal server error” is returned. It does indeed look like this is a robots.txt issue. Please review this page:

@giakie, feel free to share a URL so we can evaluate if you are in the same situation.


I get the same error, here is an url of a post

robots.txt :

User-agent: * 
Disallow: /app/
Disallow: /vendor/


Now it works but whitelist failed


Looks like it was a problem with our robots.txt but didn’t see it initially due to the error only returning ‘Internal Server Error’

Thanks for updating the card validator, everything’s working well now.