Internal server error



  1. I need your help in the following problem: I need to access from my application the link:, for account: Gameloft_UK, but I get into an internal server error. If you load the page and use Mozilla Firebug, tab: Net, F5 for refresh you can easily see the error.

Using other account for the same page -> mentions, I don’t get into trouble cause the link with the error is not getting loaded.

My guess is that the promoted accounts loaded for Gameloft_UK, are the problem, or is just a file that couldn’t be found by twitter server cause the ID of the ref is zero, please take a look at the link included in page:

It shouldn’t be very hard to get this fixed and it would help us so much, can you please take a look? Either exclude the “promoted follow” from the mentions page or simply find the item that twitter points to, link: and delete it from page.

  1. Trying to remove myself the promoted accounts, it seems that is never successfully because whatever I do (settings… un - checking the corresponding field ) it won’t make any difference to page. The promoted accounts are still there. Why?