Internal Server Error when tweeting "M." or "D."


After some failed tweets, I created a test account to mess around and try to figure out what was going on with Twitter.

Apparently tweets that start with “D.” or “M.”, e.g. “M. So-and-so does blah blah” trigger an internal server error. All the other letters of the alphabet are fine. Occasionally a tweet will fail for just having “M.” somewhere in the tweet, not necessarily at the beginning, but that behaviour has been less consistent.

Why would this be happening? Can it be fixed?


Tweets that start with "M " or "D " are interpreted as attempts to send a direct message to a user. If the token following the "M " or the "D " is not a valid Twitter username then an error will result. There is more information on this syntax at


Thank you - I was having a similar problem.


I am also getting “internal server error” every time I try to tweet a picture. How can I fix this?