Internal server error when posting video



I get an internal server error when posting a video tweet.

This is the first video tweet I’ve attempted from this or any account. I’ve never had this problem with other tweets.

This happens both in Chrome and Internet Explorer in Windows 7. Would this problem be caused by a timeout due to network congestion (e.g. due to windows updates on our local network?)


Hi, we are experiencing the same problem. We’ve tried with several videos (mp4 format and all under 15mb) and get the same “internal server error” message each time.

Could someone please advise ASAP?


These are not Twitter Cards issues. These forums are for developer conversations about using the platform and APIs. Are you having an issue uploading using the REST API?

If this is a site issue, please use the support forms for the video feature to log a ticket. Thanks.


Same problem here. But, with only 1 of our videos. Cannot get it to upload.


If this is a developer API issue then please post details in the Media APIs category of these forums.

If this is a website issue, use the support forms for the video feature.