Internal Server Error uploading GIF


Hello can someone help me figure out why the GIF is uploading but not posting. It is 2.7 MB


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You’ll need to provide an example of the specific file, and preferably also the code you’re using and the error information you see.


Thank you here is the file.

I am not a developer and I did not create this GIF, so I am not sure how to get the code.

The error is after Twitter tries to upload the GIF it says Server Internal Error.

Many thanks for your help. I did not know where else to go to get help on this.

Here is the link to the article[]


Ah OK - we can certainly look at the GIF (it probably has too many frames) but if this is a website or Twitter app upload issue then we can’t help here - this is our forum for Developers using the Twitter API directly. You’ll need to look at our Support site for assistance with general app or issues.

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