Internal Server Error on Promoted Video publish



we have standard access to Twitter Ads API (@Celtra_CMP) and since Today we have started noticing issues when creating Promoted Video Tweets.
The media upload finishes successfully but the POST request to tweets endpoint results in a 500 Internal Server Error. Could you advise on what might be the issue here? It seems like an API issue from what we’re seeing.
Below is the debug info from one of our test requests.

Debug info:
Request Endpoint:
Request Method: POST
Request Payload: {"text":"test","video_id":"13_996364769396391936","account_id":"18ce54njlqi","as_user_id":"952860484977479680"}
Response: {"code":"INTERNAL_ERROR","message":"Internal Error"}


Hi @3buson! Out of curiosity, do you receive “Internal Error” for every such request, or just for some of them?

Thank you.


Hi @majoritasdev!
The response is the same for all requests of such type.


Oh, I see… Can you please post the link to the documentation page for the call you’re making? I can’t find it.


Sure, here is the promoted video documentation, you can see the /tweet endpoint documentation where the error occurs here.



Ok, I have 2 ideas:

  1. try to make the call with other than “test” as the text. Try with “tweet body”, or “Hello folks! Here it is!”. “test” might enter some spam prevention flow and give an error.
  2. try the same call using v3.0.

And let us know what the results are! :slight_smile:


The ‘test’ is here just because I cannot post the actual content our clients were trying to post. We tried with actual copy of the ad. So that is not the problem.
I can try with 3.0 but I am not sure why this would make the difference. Will let you know.


I just checked with twurl cli and the result is the same if I use v2 or v3 API.
I tested this with requests below, response is always INTERNAL_ERROR.

twurl -H "/2/accounts/18ce54njlqi/tweet" -d "text=unicorns unicorns&video_id=13_996364769396391936&account_id=18ce54njlqi&as_user_id=952860484977479680"

twurl -H "/3/accounts/18ce54njlqi/tweet" -d "text=unicorns unicorns&video_id=13_996364769396391936&account_id=18ce54njlqi&as_user_id=952860484977479680"


I see, @3buson. Thank you for all that information! In this case, let’s see what a Twitter representative says.


Hey all,

Thank you for reaching out. We’ve been able to reproduce the issue on our end and are currently working on determining the root cause, as well as possible fixes. We’ll update this thread once we know more, or when the issue is resolved.



Hello all,

We’ve put a fix in place for the issue and it should now be resolved. Please let us know in case there’s still any outstanding problems.



Thanks! It’s working now :slight_smile: