Internal server error msg when I try to do anything


neither of my twitter accts will load properly, I get an “internal server error” msg when I try to tweet, I cannot click on other profiles. is this an issue with Linux/Ubuntu b/c that’s what I am using on the computers that have issues. (I can access the accts with no errors on my Wii U, so it’s not an acct issue). And the API won’t connect trying to use an app on the computer either.


I’m having similar issues. Once in a while it will connect, but most times any access to twitter times out and/or gives the “internet server error” message. I think this started a couple of weeks ago, and has just gotten worst over time … I can connect with my Android phone twitter client no problem. At times I can open Firefox and Seamonkey browsers and Firefox will not be able to connect and Seamonkey will.

I’m using mostly Redhat, but I boot into Ubuntu at times, and Ubuntu seems to work a lot better, but if I recall correctly it too has some issues at times.


Im having the same issue in browsers under Ubuntu 12.4 over the past week. I can load my stream, but nothing else. The issue is the same under Firefox and Chrome, the only message is “internal Server Error”. When it started i was able to reload the page or try again and the message would go through, but now it’s solidly unusable, has been for about two days.

Oddly enough, Gwibber on the same system seems unaffected. Can post without problems from that, or from my Ipod touch without any issues.


I found that using Polly (twitter App) is working, Birdie also worked but I didn’t care for it as much.

Help: "Internal Server Error" (appears for all actions)

I’m having the same problem, Ubuntu 12.04, both Chrome and Firefox. I can usually get the first page of my stream, but that’s it.
Thanks for the note about Polly - it works! But I prefer the web interface.


I can’t do anything (post tweets, sign out, etc.). Everything is an internal server error. Please fix.


I have had the exact same problem for the past 6 days. I cannot post tweets - I receive the “internal server error” message systematically… I am using Firefox. Can anybody help? Thanks


48h with an INTERNAL SERVER ERROR, I can’t tweet from any device. I love you and your help


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