Internal Proxy Image Service Error


Having problems validating gallery card.

Url is
Images being served from S3->Cloudfront w/ SSL and custom domain configured through Route53.

Robots.txt file is

Please advise.


I am also getting the same error and have the same config almost

EC2 -> Cloudfront with SSL

One of the url which is giving error

<meta property="twitter:image0" content=""/>
<meta property="twitter:image1" content=""/>
<meta property="twitter:image2" content=""/>
<meta property="twitter:image3" content=""/>

These cdn urls working fine on google and facebook. But getting issues on Twitter and Pinterest.


Solved my problem.

There are three available urls in my scenario for the same image:
A. Custom domain url (i.e.
B. Cloudfront url (i.e.
C. S3 url (

Option C is the only one that worked in my case.


That’s not the solution but a work around. Still looking from answer from twitter - the reason for the issue.