"Internal error when processing the whitelist request"


My domain cannot be registered since yesterday.

Registration: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/48975648/img/2013/0405_twcard01.png
Error occurred: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/48975648/img/2013/0405_twcard02.png
Example URL: http://clips.vanu.jp/post/47086378537/sakura

Can others register?


Internal error when processing the whitelist request <<How can I fix this error Thanks


I too had this issue while requesting approval. Turned out, I was using a quote ( " ) or single quote ( ’ ) in the comment section.

Removed it, now it works.


what do you mean of removing the quotes? which part? i tried creating a summary card and validate it but it only shows internal error with no detailed explanation of the issue


I was also having the same problem because my name contains characters with accents (ú and é).

Removed them in the approval request form and the submission worked fine.

I’m guessing but:
@johnpaulricana Maybe your problem is the “ñ”
@bugun Yours can be the “ü” letter…



@khlizard You can try to change your name and write it in Rōmaji, using latin characters)



Thank you for the advice!
It was registered when changing the contact name; “八辻とかげ” to "Tokage Yatsuji"
Since UTF-8 is often used recently, I forgot this method XD


capture: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48975648/img/2013/0413_twcard01.png


Thanks, i faced the same problem and your solution resolved it.


thanks for your help


Thanks, I too had some unvalid characters. As you can see, I had the " ™ " and it was rejecting it. Upon removing it, it processed fine.


same error exist…
“Internal error when processing the whitelist request”.

And my name also has no unvalid characters.


Sorry, we had some issues with our validator. It should be back up again. Please try to re-submit, and let me know how it goes.


We are having the same issue. Card validates but we get the same error. No strange characters in our name either.


Please post your requests with a sample URL that you tried validating.