"INTERNAL ERROR" returned when attempting to update web event tag


The following is returned when attempting to update a web event tag:

  "errors": [
      "code": "INTERNAL_ERROR",
      "message": "internal error"
  "request": {
    "params": { }

The tag was originally created using with the following response (just posting the response as it contains the parameters):

{ "data_type":"web_event_tag", "data":{ "name":"first create test", "view_through_window":0, "click_window":2, "embed_code":"(OMITTED, DUE TO LENGTH, BY POSTER)", "id":"nuvab", "retargeting_enabled":true, "type":"CUSTOM", "deleted":false }, "request":{ "params":{ "name":"first create test", "view_through_window":0, "click_window":2, "retargeting_enabled":true, "account_id":"okrly1", "type":"CUSTOM"} } }

Now when I try to perform a PUT request @ “/okrly1/web_event_tags/nuvab” with the parameters,

accountId - "okrly1" name - "first update test" click_window: "14" view_through_window: "7" type: "DOWNLOAD" retargeting_enabled: "false"

I get the error shown above. Is this due to the “retargeting_enabled” field, which the api documentation denotes as being updatable? If not, please let me know if more information is needed. If so, would it be possible to update the error response and/or the api documentation to reflect this?

Thank you for your time,
James Cooper
Software Engineer