Internal Error returned for request to delete sandbox resources


I have a unit test program that creates and deletes various resources (campaigns, line items, etc.) in a sandbox account using host This unit test had been working normally until a day or two ago when it started getting 500 Internal Server Error responses when attempting to delete some of the resources that it had created. Is this a known issue with the Ads API sandbox? Is a fix expected soon?

I can provide additional details about the test cases that are failing, if that would be helpful.


Thanks for bringing this up @dodnert - on which calls are you receiving a 500 error?

It doesn’t look like this is affecting all endpoints, for example the following seems to work just fine:

twurl  -H /0/accounts | jq .

Could you provide us with twurl calls that reproduce this error?


I am getting this error when trying to DELETE resources (e.g. line items, campaigns) shortly after they were successfully created.


Great, thanks - I have been able to reproduce this locally. We will look into it.


@dodnert we have resolved this issue related to the sandbox environment - thanks again for raising it!


Thanks. I’ve confirmed that it’s resolved too.