Internal error, code 131


Hi, I upload the video according to REST API, from init to finalize all work fine, but when i query the status, it always return “500 Internal Server Error”:

WORKING: (POST media/upload)

  1. Init -> get media_id
  2. Append segment 0 -> get 204 status code
  3. Finalize -> get “{“media_id”:725515705420898304,“media_id_string”:“725515705420898304”,“size”:2677545,“expires_after_secs”:86400,“video”:{“video_type”:“video/mp4”}}”

But when i query the media status using the follow api: 725515705420898304

it fail, return “{“errors”:[{“message”:“Internal error”,“code”:131}]}”

Any idea to solve this issue? thanks


Im getting the same thing


Any update on this?


Does our large video upload sample code work with your video file? What library are you using?