Internal Error Code : 131 - WebHook -RestAPI



Hello Experts,

I am getting the below internal error when calling the REMOVE webhook api.

Error Details: {“errors”:[{“message”:“Internal error”,“code”:131}]}

EndPoint / Resource URL :

Sample Request:

The code worked flawlessly up until thursday evening
From Thursday late evening, we are unable to remove the webhook using the API.

Other details:

In order to test , i have tried to pass an incorrect webhook id and the API gives valid response as “{“errors”:[{“code”:34,“message”:“Sorry, that page does not exist.”}]}” . When giving a valid webhookid, the api gives the following error message

{“errors”:[{“message”:“Internal error”,“code”:131}]}

[I created a new topic as i had commented earlier on a very old thread]

Thanks for the support.


Webhook Delete: Internal Error
Internal error 131

+1 Same here. Deletion of webhooks seem to be giving the 131 error since about 3 days ago.


Im stuck with this issue since more than a week and i cant make any progress :frowning:

Webhook Delete: Internal Error

[update] : Some more new users have reported the same case mentioned in this post


We are aware of some webhook issues. Apologies for the inconvenience during the beta period.


Greatful for your response :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I think the issue has been solved.



This has not ben resolved! I am still getting the following error.
{“errors”:[{“message”:“Internal error”,“code”:131}]}


@redskins80 ,

Try this

Try removing all of the subscriptions from the webhook config using DELETE account_activity/webhooks/:webhook_id/subscriptions before deleting the webhook config. You can get a list of all subscriptions with GET /account_activity/webhooks/:webhook_id/subscriptions/list.

This worked for me.


Thanks to @joncipriano for the above


Thanks for the workaround!

However, this is just that… a workaround. We shouldn’t mark this as solved just yet.


@andypiper :

Hi Andy,

Wanted to bring to your attention about an issue when receiving messages from webHook.
The message dont seem to reach us even though the endpoints are configured right .
There were couple of other users who have reported the same issue.

When checking the webhook details, i could see my endpoint being valid and active.
I had to delete the subscription and recreate them once again.
Unfortunately this issue cannot be detected by any direct API calls and the only way i could detect was to do an eco test.

I have mentioned this issue in here as it is pertaining to webHook API.

Thanks for your support.



Hi there, @andypiper and devs

I was getting this error as well and managed to use the workaround to delete my webhook, but when attempting to create a new one I keep getting the 131 internal error code. I see that Twitter is pinging my webhook and the response is the correct one, I know this since it was validated in the past, the latency is low, etc.

I’ve tried everything I can think of but cannot make it work. The request I’m using is
twurl -X POST /1.1/account_activity/webhooks.json?url=https://mydomain/webhook but I’ve also tried other options, sending the url as post data, json, url encoded, etc.

Please help! I’ve been stuck here for more than a week.


Internal Error Code 131 - Creating Webook

Hi @eisenjulian ,

When you try executing the GET. [] , what do you get ?

Are you getting response as below ?

“id”: “1”,
“url”: “”,
“valid”: true,
“created_timestamp”: “134325325301”



Nope, I am getting an empty list as a response []


Im afraid this is a new ISSUE having the same errorCode.

I was getting the same issue when deleting the webhook annnd you are getting the same error when adding a webhook .


That’s probably the case, and that’s why I also opened another topic referenced above. But my bet is that they are closely related since I had the same issue deleting the webhook earlier.

I used to have the webhook working last month, then at some point it said it was invalid, but attempting to re-validate or remove would return the 131 error, and using the workaround described here I managed to delete it, but now I cannot create a new one, so I’m back to square one.


This is blocking my ability to deploy an app as well. When I attempt to use the workaround with DELETE /account_activity/webhooks/:webhook_id/subscriptions, I get a status 34 “Sorry, that page does not exist.” error. :frowning:


DELETE /account_activity/webhooks/:webhook_id/subscriptions

Ensure the highlighted part contains your webhookID. [Ensure the : is removed from the url]


Yes, I was substituting :webhook_id in the URL as you described.


Sufrí el mismo problema