Intermittent SSL certificate error from


Twice today I’ve had SSL certificate errors from Most of the time it works fine.

If I see it again, I’l try to get more info from the response.


Hm, I guess it isn’t intermittent. We’re linking to but we’re getting redirected and therefore getting SSL errors from akamai.

Should I be using a different hostname, or using Akamai directly?


And it looks like I can set = ‘’ and it works. Ok, i’m happy for now.

Please let me know if there is another solution, or if it is in the docs and I just couldn’t find it.


We don’t yet officially support SSL with the Tweet Button, Follow Button, and other assets served from We hope to support SSL for these platform features soon but until then you’ll continue getting errors from these products when used in a SSL context.


I would love to have official support for SSL. It is an ongoing issue on a number of sites I work on. We want to use to the official tweet and follow buttons, rather than third party tools, but without SSL support we’re stuck.


how do u fix this !!!


im getting so sick and tierd of this like cen sum1 tell me how to fix this cuzz i wanna go on twitter and this usually wurls so i dnt get the freakn problem


porq no me puedo conectar a mi twitter. me sale error ssl


Hi SSL error still bugging me. I can’t open my twitter for a month already. Please help me fix this. What should I do? Thanks.


please, i need a solution to enter my account on twitter
i get a noisy message every time i tray to enter the URL
saying i have a certification problem with Twitter server
what shall i do ?