Intermittent "Hmmm, an empty timeline. That’s weird." Message


I’ve read that this can appear if there aren’t any tweets within 7 days. I’d understand that if this were a consistent issue, but I’m getting differing results from one refresh to the next.

Ultimately, it seems to come down to which Twitter server handles the request. Take a look at the following Gist. Notice the response sizes are consistent from server tsa_a (from which I am getting content), and all over the place with tsa_b (when I get the “Hmmm” message).

Is this a bug/fluke?

Intermittent “Hmm, an empty timeline. That's weird.” Message

We looked into this, just forgot to close the loop here. There were some issues on our end for a brief period during that time window but were fixed pretty quickly. Do let us know if you notice this again.

Excellent bug report. Thanks for digging in.


Unfortunately, I’m still seeing this inconsistent behaviour.

On one page, the search timeline displays tagged posts by a user up to a 1.5 months old; but on another page, we’re getting an empty tweets although that are tweets just over 2 weeks old. Both pages are on the same website and showcase tweets by the same user, but using different hashtags.

What am I missing?


Okay, I can’t seem to reproduce this in situ anymore (I don’t seem to be getting any responses from tsa_b in my real world example). (The cURL test still bounces between tsa_a and tsa_b, but I don’t understand enough about it to know why, or whether it matters; I’m going to assume it doesn’t matter.)


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