Intermittent 193 errors on posting animated GIFs


The response from the server is:

{u’errors’: [{u’code’: 193,
u’message’: u’One or more of the uploaded media is too large.’}]}

But the image is under the published limits … 1024x512, 1.5 MB.

And it’s not consistent. Sometimes it works fine with the same image.

This seems to happen with images with a lot of frames. Examples linked at end of this message … one has 89 frames.
Could be just overloading some resource at Twitter?

I get similar results attempting to tweet natively on The spinner shows for a while and then I get an “internal server error” dialog, and after I dismiss it, sometimes the tweet shows up in my timeline and sometimes not. Today it seems to be working; last week, not so much.

Example gifs that have been problematic (sorry it won’t let me post images directly, just add http to these):