Interests for new campaign


I recently set up a new campaign to run live. I set Interests, but when I view the campaign on the interests section is blank. Is this normal behaviour or should I see the interests as soon as I create a campaign?

If I make an API call for interests it will return all interests twitter has, but for this campaign no data is returned.



Hi Joseph,

We usually prefer you include example requests of what you are trying to achieve which can be easily done with twurl. This makes sure that we understand the steps you have taken and makes it easier to get to the solution. Please see the guideline here as reference: Guidelines for Reporting Issues

Please confirm you set targeting_criteria via and you should be able to find associated targeting_criteria for the same line item ID. It’s possible your call to set the targeting_criteria failed or any sort of problem could have occurred so it is best to collect the twurl request and responses for this sort of debugging.




Hi @JBabichJapan,

I have been making targeting_criteria calls, which all work. the question is more about creating a campaign on twitter. When the campaign was set up(monday 10 o’clock) there was a number of interests set on the campaign, but there was no data on when we selected the interests tab. Now today(tuesday 10 o’clock) there is data for interests shown. We are just unsure if interests should be shown straight away, or do they take time, or does a form of engagement need to be done before they are shown?

I have attached a screenshot of the screen in question

Yesterday after creating the campaign this section was empty.