Interactive video on Twitter



I want to upload an interactive video (a video featuring clickable buttons through out this video) into my tweet. Aiming to get a report about viewers reactions (which choices they made ).

Could you please advise me on what are the possibilities to achieve this on Twitter?, since my targeted audience are mostly on Twitter using smartphones.




That is not possible on Twitter as standard, unfortunately. You might want to consider one of our Ads products, however - some of these offer more interactivity. We’re unable to help with questions related to those products via this forum, you can contact @TwitterAdsHelp for more information.


Thanks andy. Do you think that would be possible later? I mean is it gonna be on your future plan?


I’m unable to say what the plan may be there - it’s not part of the API roadmap, and that’s what I’m focused on right now. I’d assume those kinds of things would be more likely to be Ads-related products.


I appreciate your time, thank you.