Intended TwitterKit replacement



I have read your TwitterKit deprecation blog post and whilst it recommends using your standard API I think that it is disrespectfully lax on useful information for developers who have spent vast amounts of time building good integrations and user experiences for their apps with Twitter.

For an iOS app I can open a web view and authenticate a user using the standard API. Given the lack of cookie sharing across sandboxed WKWebView instances this is a terrible user experience for a user who already has the Twitter app installed. They have to log in again, and we have the cumbersome job of passing data between web views and our applications.

We could send them to the Twitter app for authentication but it is unclear as to whether your app will continue to contain the necessary code to authenticate and return a user to the sending app.

I am completely lost. Is this deprecation because you do not want other apps to integrate with Twitter? That is fine (albeit bemusing). OR… Is it because maintaining TwitterKit is hard work (again fine). If the latter it is still bemusing that you wouldn’t clearly document exactly what will/will not be supported, the various URL schemes that can be utilised and the code that will be maintained within your app.

Could someone please clarify?

Many thanks