Integration of Twitter with the Application


I had an application which is related to Telecom Domain. Where that will do Survey’s on the customers who visited either service center /call center. We would now like to integrate with Twitter application where our Survey Application has to send a Notification and Messages to the persons who are having twitter. More over we would like to send a notification/Messages to the persons who are not following any group. Please do let us know the feasibility on this.
We saw the API(i.e., twitter4j-core-4.0.3) on the twitter blog which is able to send the message to the persons who is follow the other person. If un followed then the message is not able to sent to him.
And also we are not able to send the same messages to the same person ‘N’ Number of times. There is an error message when we are trying to send again and again. Seems like there is some set of interval time gap to send the same message to same person. Could you let us know more on this?
More over can you guide us which API we need to use for sending the Notifications on the twitter.
It would be thankful if you can provide us the solution for the above queries.


For what I understood it seems you have a pretty weak understanding of Twitter and how it works, or you explained what you want to do in a very weird way.
Please clarify what you are trying to do.


Seems like the matter which I posted is not understandable. Let me explain you in detail. I had an application which is related to Telecom domain. This application will do surveys on the customer who visited call center/service center and logged their complaints. Survey like recently you visited our call center, was you problem resolved or not, May I know how would you rate our service from 0 to 10 … bla bla bla… This whole process is done in our application and we do collect the feedback of those customer. Now our intention is to send a notification message on twitter to the persons who has registered to participate in survey. we will just post a link to the user to perform survey. Once clicked on that link it will redirect to our application to perform survey.
Currently we are able to send a message on twitter using the API. but there is no such process found in the API to send a notification on twitter.
In twitter application if any body tweets, it will appear as a notification. so through our application, we would like to tweet the persons who have registered to get the notification. there is no such method found in this API to tweet the person. It would be kind enough if you could help us in resolving this.


The Twitter API doesn’t include the concept of “send a notification”. You basically have two options. Users that follow your bot can get private direct messages via POST direct_messages/new or you can send public tweets using POST statuses/update that includes the accounts @username as a mention.