Integration of twitter ads api for advertise analytics


I want to integrate twitter ads api for getting statistics of advertise .I tried it but i am getting problem.
I had deadline for it . Please provide steps to integrate ads api as early as possible…
Thanks in advance


Do you have access to the Ads API? The application process is documented here.


How to get access twitter ads api?
I had already applied for twitter ads api access but there is no confirmation email yet.
My app id is 13507209.
please give me access as early as possible.
thanks in advance


There’s an approval process that sometimes takes a short while to go through, please be patient while the team reviews your application.


Thank you very much Andy.
Can you please tell me that how much time required for this process.?


Depending on how busy the team is you might need to wait for a week to 10 days, but the team is usually able to review a couple of times a week. It just varies, I’m afraid!


Closing this out as it looks like this app has access.