Integrating Twitter Profile Widget into Google Sites


How do I integrate the new Twitter Widget into Google Sites?


This is so unbelievably annoying that it makes me want to quit Twitter for good. I’ve just had 250+ Twitter gadgets go down in Google Sites due to this insane API change. Who has the solution for integrating the new Twitter widgets into Google Sites (gadgets)??



…how difficult is it to have an answer to this “problem”…


We used to have a twitter timeline widget at our home page (google sites). After yesterday it just was disabled.

How do we set up a new code that will work at our google site?


Thanks to Franck Silvestre for the Github Gist solution at the above link. It’s actually not too difficult. Just fork, edit (paste in your own Twitter widget code), and “View Raw” for xml url.


Good for you :wink:

…following the directions I always get an error message

Unsupported feature: org.apache.shindig.common.xml.XmlException: The entity name must immediately follow the ‘&’ in the entity reference. At: (1,528)

…any tips?


Thanks a ton @mendicot for pointing me to the right solution – that totally worked. There’s a ton of bad info out there with the new Twitter API and Google Sites. And now I can say I’ve forked a Gist!


Brilliant - cheers @mendicot for sharing the solution, my twitter feed lives!!


OK Does anyone have a set of instructions for those of us who don’t program for a living?

How come you can’t just add the Twitter gadget or an embed gadget, paste in your code, and call it good?

Some help for someone who is comfortable
around computers but not a programmer would be hugely helpful! Thanks :slight_smile: