Integrating Twitter data on behalf of others



This isn’t a code related question, it’s about a use-case.

We are developing and have deployed our data analytics product (think Tableau, Power BI, etc) to UK and US clients. It’s offered as part of a managed service whereby we handle data integration from start to finish.

Some of our clients are requiring Twitter Social and Advertising data integration in to their deployment of the product. This includes engagement metrics which requires Enterprise access.

The data integration is entirely server-side. At some stage configuring Twitter API connections for the end-user may be surfaced in the product but that’s a way off yet.

The issue we’re facing is, even if we are approved for Premium & Enterprise API access, technically and legally speaking, are we able to integrate their data through our Twitter app (which will never be deployed to a marketplace; it serves as a way to authenticate and communicate with the Twitter API) in to their deployment of the product?

Or, would they (the client) need to gain access to Premium & Enterprise APIs and we authenticate through a dummy (not made public/submitted to app marketplaces) Twitter app on their side?

I’m aware that for products such as this, the legal aspect alone can take a fair amount of discussion so a broad perspective of it for now will suffice. I believe there’s some limitations on delivering of tweet content including authors in this particular use-case?


Hi @JonathonOgden thanks for your question, I’m having a member of our team reach out to you for more details.