Integral Ad Science & Moat, how much do we need these two dependencies?


MoPub v4.16 SDK integrates technology from our partners Integral Ad Science, Inc. (“IAS”) and Moat, Inc. (“Moat”) in order to support viewability measurement and other proprietary reporting that IAS and Moat provide to their advertiser and publisher clients.

We have the option to remove these dependencies, but it’s not clear what the effect is, say on monetization, does anybody have any idea how bad it will affect monetization taking these out, or it’s just reporting for their partners that’s completely optional?


Oh, and the other important reason why I’m asking is that today Android 3.0 came out, I upgraded the gradle plugin and now I’m getting issues with this line on my AndroidManifest.xml:

<library android:name="moat-mobile-app-kit" />

I know get the following error

Error:(59) error: unknown element <library> found.



Thanks for bringing this up. It is a known issue we are working on resolving. There is currently no workaround at the moment (you might choose to disable Moat though).

MoPub Support