Installing old MoPub-AdMob-Adapters via pods



When trying to include older versions of the adaptors that are installed via pods I always end up getting the latest version. For example including the following in the pod file:
pod ‘MoPub-AdMob-Adapters’, ‘’

Causes it to download the source from git. With the verbose flag on I can see the command it is issuing and even thought I have specified an older version it is running:

-> Installing MoPub-AdMob-Adapters (

Git download
Git download
/usr/bin/git clone /var/folders/gk/rqcp8h2j10b4fbycbm_0hdp40000gp/T/d20190211-48260-1l0l0b0 --template= Cloning into '/var/folders/gk/rqcp8h2j10b4fbycbm_0hdp40000gp/T/d20190211-48260-1l0l0b0'... /usr/bin/git -C /var/folders/gk/rqcp8h2j10b4fbycbm_0hdp40000gp/T/d20190211-48260-1l0l0b0 checkout --quiet master
Copying MoPub-AdMob-Adapters from /Users/jenkins/Library/Caches/CocoaPods/Pods/Release/MoPub-AdMob-Adapters/ to Pods/MoPub-AdMob-Adapters

As can be seen this is downloading master, not the correct version.
Trying other versions it appears to be caused by the branch for being missing so it reverting to master.

Can MoPub fix this?


Fixed for this version: