Instagram to Twitter switching handles


When someone posts on instagram including my boss’s handle and links the post to twitter, the handle automatically switches from her handle to mine. i occasionally go onto her account (instagram or twitteR) but have checked and am signed off of all accounts on my devices. how can i stop this from happening? since it is someone else’s post we cannot edit it. please help!!!


I could be wrong, but I believe this is something that you control inside the Instagram app on mobile. Under settings inside the app, you can associate a Twitter account. I’m not sure whether you have signed in to a different Twitter account in the app.

I’m not certain about this so apologies if this is an incorrect diagnosis!


Yes, that was it! i saw that somehow her instagram changed her twitter handle to mine. very strange and concerning since neither of us physically made that change!! hopefully that should be it!

Perhaps you can help me with another question as well - Marcy Blum is a celebrity event planner who has planned the weddings of Lebron James, Billy Joel, and Nate Berkus’ weddings (to name just a few!) She is consistently quoted in publications such as People Magazine, has been featured on Oprah and Good Morning America among others, and she has almost 20K followers. Can you advise on getting her a secured verified account?
Thank you!